Hand Washing Awareness Week

Food Safety Poster Bulletin Board Resources

Use the signs and posters featured here to remind your students and staff about the importance of hand washing.

Did You Wash 'Em? How to Wash

Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Provides a short online video detailing proper hand washing procedures. Also, includes instructions on how to wash your hands and when to wash them.

Hand Washing

TNF. TeensHealth from Nemours.

Get the facts and statistics on hand washing, including how to wash your hands correctly. Features a demonstration video.

Health in Your Hands figures Health in Your Hands

The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap.

Includes a Handwashing Handbook, a handwashing quiz, and a public service announcement, available in English and Spanish.

Help Us Keep You Healthy: Handwashing Resources

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services.

A collection of resources and lessons about handwashing for parents, teachers, day care providers, and children from kindergarten to 6th grade.

Wash Your Hands: Educating the School Community

National Food Service Management Institute.

Includes a variety of booklets, videos, and posters.