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HealthierUS School Challenge Application

HealthierUS School Challenge Application (revised 6/12/13)

FNS is extending the deadline for the HealthierUS School Challenge under the current criteria until August 30, 2014. Complete HUSSC applications that will be considered under the old criteria must be postmarked, emailed, entered electronically, or hand delivered to the State Agency on or before Saturday, August 30th.  The State Agency must send a list of the schools/district applications received and the copy of the application cover page(s) to their respective Regional Office by September 12th to ensure an accurate record of application status.  For those applications actually received by the State Agency after close of business on Friday, August 29th, the postmarked date should be documented on the application cover sheet.

Tips for Completing Application:

  1. If needed, provide application details and special circumstances in a Cover Letter (optional).

  2. You can submit your application two ways:
    1. Submit the application and supporting documentation in a 3-ring binder to your State Child Nutrition Agency.
    2. Submit the application and supporting documentation electronically.

  3. When more space is needed to provide information, schools can attach a separate document with this information.

  4. Multiple schools can apply under the same district application when all of the following apply:
    1. The same menu and same foods were served throughout the district. The district can submit:
      1. One set of consecutive two-week breakfast and lunch menus (for example, a school could send the one week that is sent to the State Agency for certification and an additional week of menus)
      2. One set of Lunch Certification Worksheets for the two-week period
      3. Breakfast and lunch whole grain documentation, and
      4. If there are multiple age/grade groups, a Lunch Certification Worksheet for each age/grade group.

        Note: Simplified Nutrient Assessments are not needed.

    2. The same nutrition education, physical education, and physical activities are provided or offered (according to the grade level).
    3. The same competitive foods and beverages were sold throughout the cafeteria and/or school campus. Submit:
      1. One Competitive Foods Worksheet with a listing of foods available, and
      2. One set of supporting documentation.
    4. Each individual school follows the district's wellness policy.

In addition, each school must submit an individual School Wellness Policy Worksheet (if applicable) and complete the Other Criteria for Excellence Checklist, which are both included in the online application. If a district finds that their schools have the same menu with corresponding foods served, but has different nutrition education, physical education, physical activities, competitive foods, or wellness policies, they can still apply as a district, but must make note of those items that differ among the schools and submit additional documentation for those schools with the district application.

Each District should submit an Application Cover Sheet reflecting the name of the District with a completed
District School List form (DOC | 20 KB), NSLP 6-cent Certification Menu Worksheet, food production records*, Competitive Foods Worksheet that includes a la carte information and vended items (unless they are the same throughout the district), Nutrition Education and Physical Education/Activity Worksheets, School Wellness Policy Worksheet, a copy of each school's wellness policy (unless it is a district wellness policy), and Other Criteria for Excellence Checklist.

*Not required for Bronze level.