Nutrition E-Newsletter for November 2008  

The Team Nutrition (TN) e-Newsletter is published periodically to share TN resources developed by USDA and/or by State agencies, and to share ideas for promoting healthy eating and physical activity through Team Nutrition at the State and local levels.

In This Issue

  • State Developed Materials
  • USDA Team Nutrition's New Publications
  • News from the Healthy Meals Resource System
State Developed Materials

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Nutrition Expeditions
This curriculum, intended for Family and Consumer Sciences classes for grades 7-12, is standards-based and web-enhanced. Each lesson begins with the teacher’s guide followed by all handouts, keys, and transparency masters for that lesson.

The curriculum was developed by the South Dakota State University, Cooperative Extension Service; South Dakota Department of Education, Child and Adult Nutrition Services; and South Dakota Division of Workforce and Career Preparation. Access the curriculum at:

  Managing for Success
The School Nutrition Association of Michigan (School Food Service Training Task Force) and the Michigan Department of Education developed this training course for school foodservice staff as part of their FY 2005 Team Nutrition Training Grant activities. Managing for Success is a three-hour course during which foodservice supervisory personnel learn to locate and use tools, resources, and training designed to operate a successful school meals program. For more information go to:

  Physical Activity and Nutrition for Alaska's Head Start Kids
This manual was developed by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and designed to provide Head Start parents, teachers, and food service staff with tools they can use to become leaders in reversing the epidemic of childhood overweight. View the material online at:
  Healthy Lifestyles Training
This program was developed by the Colorado Department of Education to help inform educators about healthy lifestyle choices so they can lead their students by example. Many helpful hints for making simple lifestyle changes are given as well as activities to help encourage creativity and learning about healthy living. Access this resource at:
  USDA Team Nutrition's New Publications
  Just the Facts! Serving School Meals that meet the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
The set of ten Fact Sheets were developed by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to help schools implement the major recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines--- the nutrition foundation for all school meals programs. The fact sheets include the following topics:
  • Use Low-fat Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt
  • Jazz Up Your Menu With Fruits
  • Serve More Whole Grains
  • Trim Trans Fat
  • Meeting the Challenge of Rising Food Costs for Healthier School Meals
  • Vary Your Vegetables
  • Be Salt Savvy – Cut Back on Sodium
  • Include Fiber-Rich Foods
  • Limit Saturated Fat and Cholesterol
  • Serve More Dry Beans and Peas
They can be accessed at:
  Grow It, Try It, Like It! Preschool Fun with Fruits and Vegetables
Grow It, Try It, Like It! is a kit that consists of six booklets featuring three fruits- peaches, strawberries, and cantaloupe and three vegetables- spinach, sweet potatoes, and crookneck squash.

The booklets include: hands-on activities; planning activities; stories, songs, and video; MyPyramid for Preschoolers nutrition education activities; and home activities with parent/child activity sheets, family-sized recipes, and tips for cooking with children. Other tools include: an overview booklet with teaching guide, arts and crafts, and other resources; MyPyramid for Kids Poster; DVD of Cool Puppy Pup video series; and a CD ROM of all materials plus “extras.” The kit will be available for child care centers, pre-K, and Kindergarten to order or download in early 2009 from the Team Nutrition Website:

  MyPyramid for Preschoolers
 MyPyramid for Preschoolers is a full-size poster that includes the messages of MyPyramid for Kids but utilizes illustrations of preschool children. The poster targets children ages 2 to 5, and illustrates preschool children in an age-appropriate physical activities. The poster will be available to child care centers to order or download from the Team Nutrition Website in late 2008 at
  USDA Recipes for Child Care
The USDA Recipes for Child Care updates the recipes from Child Care Recipes: Food for Health and Fun (1999) to reflect the changes made in the 2001 Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs. The revised recipes have been standardized, edited for consistency, analyzed for nutrient content, and updated with Critical Control Point information based on the 2005 Food Code Supplement.

The kit includes three components: a printed booklet containing information on adjusting recipes, nutrient information, safe food handling, reference charts, and more. Also included are a CD-ROM of all recipes listed alphabetically by recipe name or by recipe number; supplemental information on techniques for purchasing, preparing, and storing food items; bonus mini-posters on hand washing, and thermometer usage; and the entire content of the printed booklet; and an additional CD-ROM of Team Nutrition’s Food Buying Guide to help with Program food purchases.

The kit will be available for child care center to order and download from the Team Nutrition Website early in 2009 at

  News from the Healthy Meals Resource System (HMRS)
  State Sharing Center
 The State Sharing Center includes a collection of online materials developed by State Agencies as part of their Team Nutrition Training Grants. These materials have various topics including nutrition education, food service training materials, public service announcements as well as online video messages. View and search these materials either by State or by audience at
  Conference Calendar
 Stay current with the latest news in Child Nutrition, meet other professionals in the field, and learn new skills at conferences and seminars around the country.
  Join Successtalk!
Join our electronic discussion group Successtalk.  This serves as a communication tool to link school health professionals, child nutrition educators, principals, teachers, parents and community members who are interested in creating a healthy school nutrition environment. Members can share success stories, resources, information and innovative program ideas that encourage healthy eating and physical activity habits. Sign up at:
  Features of the Month
This electronic resource provides information and details about monthly health and food observances including recipes and resources. A selection of electronic nutrition education, training materials and bulletin board resources have been highlighted to support the monthly features.
  Education and Training Materials Database
The Education and Training Materials Database is a compilation of educational materials developed by universities, private industry, and local, State and Federal government agencies for school personnel and others working in Child Nutrition Programs. Each entry includes developer information, publication date, cost and ordering information, and an extensive review of the material.  Materials that have been developed using Team Nutrition grants have been added in full text online. Please contact Desire Stapley ( if you have materials to share in this section. Available online:
 The HMRS website has a new section on Grants including resources to locate and write grants. Find information on specific grants related to child nutrition and physical activity as well as resources to locate grants and information on the grant writing process.

About USDA's Team Nutrition
Team Nutrition is an integrated, behavior-based, comprehensive plan for promoting the nutritional health of the Nation's children. Team Nutrition uses three behavior-oriented strategies: 1) provide training and technical assistance to help Child Nutrition Program foodservice professionals to prepare and serve nutritious meals; 2) provide multifaceted, integrated nutrition education for children, their parents, and other adults who influence children's behavior; and 3) build school and community support to create a healthy school environment that is conducive to healthy eating and physical activity.

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