Local Wellness Policy Resources

Two Children Eating Together Resources for Child Care

Even the smallest child care home or center can develop and implement a wellness policy! Use these resources for tips and ideas.

School bus Resources for Schools

Schools are a key setting for healthy nutrition and physical activity strategies. Use the resources here to make changes in your school and maintain a healthy nutrition environment.

Feet on Scale Childhood Obesity Reports and Studies

Review research related to childhood obesity, divided into the following sections: Overview of the Obesity Epidemic; Prevention and Treatment; Scientific Observations on Obesity, and Statistics and Tracking.

The Wellness Impact: Enhancing Academic Success Through Healthy School Environments

GENYOUth; National Dairy Council; American College of Sports Medicine; American School Health Association.

This report highlights the link between quality nutrition, physical activity and academic performance.

Girl Reading a Book Role of Nutrition in Learning and Behavior

Does nutrition impact school performance? Read research related to the role of nutrition in learning and behavior.

Schoolbus School Health Reports and Studies

Topic areas include plate waste, health policies, walk to school programs, and more.