Specific Grants: Foundations

Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs Grants

Cornell University.

These grants will support research that applies behavioral economics to improve food choices of students as participants in USDA's National School Lunch Program. Funding will range from $5,000-$40,000 and priority will be given to innovative and feasible field experiments.

Calendar of Grants Available to School Gardens

San Diego County Master Gardener Association.

A list of grants that are available for school gardens and other life science programs. The grants are categorized by application deadlines.

Funds for Fuel Up To Play 60

Fuel Up To Play 60.

Up to $4,000 per year is available to any qualifying K-12 school enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60. The competitive, nationwide funding program can help your school jumpstart and sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity improvements.

Healthy Eating Research

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJH).

This program provides funding for research on promoting healthy eating among children to prevent obesity primarily in those groups at greatest risk. Grant applicant eligibility is very specific; see Web site for eligibility details and application deadlines.

Fuel Up Breakfast Grants Program

General Mills Foodservice; National Dairy Council.

This grant aims to help improve student access to high-quality, nutritious foods at school. This grant specifically targets breakfast, providing funds to help schools improve or expand their breakfast programs with an emphasis on alternative breakfast options that are sustainable.

Champions for Healthy Kids

General Mills Foundation.

The General Mills Foundation, in partnership with the American Dietetic Association Foundation and the President's Council on Physical Fitness, developed the Champions for Healthy Kids grant program in 2002. Each year since inception, the General Mills Foundation awards 50 grants of $10,000 each to community-based groups that develop creative ways to help youth adopt a balanced diet and physically active lifestyle.

WellPoint Foundation

WellPoint, Inc.

WellPoint Foundation awards funding to support strategic initiatives and programs that address and provide innovative solutions to promote its Healthy Generations program, a multi-generational initiative that targets specific disease states and medical conditions to improve public health. WellPoint also awards Community Relations Funding to improve the health of communities by contributing to local fundraising events and sponsorships.