Reporting to the Public


Inform and update the public about the content and implementation of the local school wellness policies.

Annual Wellness Report Card

Fayette County Public Schools in Kentucky.

This Web site provides an overview of the annual Wellness Report Card that reviews nutrition initiatives and physical activity district-wide, and includes archived report cards and recommendations to improve overall student wellness. This is one way other school districts can meet the public reporting requirement for wellness policies, as long as the required reporting requirements are included.

Wellness Report Card (PDF | 261 KB)

Williamstown Independent Schools.

This is an example of a district wellness report card that summarizes one district’s efforts in nutrition and physical activity. Other school districts can refer to this example as a starting point when reporting on school wellness policy elements and include more specific information required in the law.

New Report Cards Track Illinois School Wellness

Healthy Schools Campaign.

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has redesigned the report card for schools and districts, which now incorporates school wellness information. This is one way that states and districts can include school wellness information in the annual school report cards.

Physical Education and Wellness Measure for Local Report Cards

Ohio Department of Education.

The Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Act in Ohio requires schools to track student physical activity, health, and wellness data for an annual evaluation. The report card is used as an awareness tool and includes 12 benchmark measurements.