Physical Activity Bulletin Board Resources

Eat Smart To Play Hard With MyPlate Mini Poster Eat Smart To Play Hard With MyPlate Mini Poster (PDF | 1.7 MB)

USDA. FNS. Team Nutrition.

This two-sided mini poster shows the MyPlate icon on one side and foods in the five food groups on the reverse.

Verb: It's What You Do

DHHS. CDC. Youth Media Campaign

This Youth Media Campaign's mission is "to promote healthy lifestyles and displace unhealthy, risky behaviors among youth" through research, media, partnerships and community efforts. The campaign which is part of a five year strategic effort targets youth ages 9-13 and their parents and teachers by encouraging physical and pro-social activity.

WIN the Rockies Media WIN the Rockies Media

University of Idaho; Montana State University; University of Wyoming.

Collection of posters to promote physical activity, respect for body-size differences, and healthful eating. Also available in Spanish. These files are shared for educational purposes but not for sale purposes. Please do not alter.