School Gardens Bulletin Board Resources

Boy Holding Sign for the USDA People's Garden USDA's Flickr Collection for Food and Nutrition

This collection contains sets of images that display the many programs sponsored and managed by the Food Nutrition Consumer Service of the USDA. Enter "school garden" in the upper right-hand search box to find photos of children gardening.

Helping Hoover in our US School Garden Poster Historic School Garden Photos and Posters

Library of Congress.

Promotional posters and black and white photos of school gardens from 1917-1950.

Preschool Garden Posters Preschool Garden Posters (PDF | 430 KB)

Mississippi State University Extension Service.

Three posters encourage preschoolers to get involved in growing fruits and vegetables. From One to Grow On: A Garden-Based Learning Program for Preschoolers.

Group of Children in School Garden School Garden Photos

National Gardening Association.

Use these photos to create a gardening display!

Harvest of the Month Educator's Corner, Images and Graphs

Network for a Healthy California. Harvest of the Month.

Information about the growing methods and the nutrition content of many different fruits and vegetables that are grown in California.

Parts of a Plant Poster Plant Parts Poster (PDF | 1.4 MB)

Oregon State University Extension Service.

This poster, from the Growing Healthy Kids curriculum, provides a basic diagram of the different parts of a plant.

Where Do Fruits and Vegetables Grow poster Where Do Fruits and Vegetables Grow? (PDF | 1.35 MB)

Dannon Research Institute, Inc.

This poster features colorful illustrations of various fruits and vegetables and explains where they grow.