School Food Service

Food Safe Schools

National Coalition for Food Safe Schools.

Work group of representatives from a variety of renowned national organizations, associations, and state and government agencies that have interest or active involvement in reducing foodborne illness in the U.S. by improving food safety in schools. Also available from this site is the Food Safe Schools Action Guide.

Food Safety for Summer Food Service Programs

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service; National Food Service Management Institute.

Three-part lesson in PDF format for children emphasizing handwashing, temperatures and cross-contamination prevention. Food safety posters are also available.

Good Learners Need Good Food- A Reference Guide for School Food Service (PDF | 28 KB)

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Includes food safety advice for school food service professionals. Topics include handwashing, pest control, receiving, storage, and many others.

Serving it Safe, 3rd Edition

National Food Service Management Institute.

Manual describes why food safety is important and gives guidance on how food service personnel can assure the preparation and service of safe foods. Provides information based on the 2001 Food Code. The Instructor's Guide is also available.