School Garden Resources

Got Veggies? Cover Got Veggies? A Youth Garden-Based Nutrition Education Curriculum (PDF | 11.7 MB)

Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Garden-based nutrition education curriculum with 7 lesson plans aligned with Wisconsin academic standards. Recipes, tips, and quick lessons are also available.

Resources to Conduct a Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden Workshop

Collective School Garden Network.

These resources were created to support the Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden Workshop (CSYSG). By clicking on the links on the webpage, school professionals are able to learn more about how to plan, implement, and care for the school garden.

Resources for School Garden Coordinators

Office of the State Superintendent of Education.

OSSE’s School Gardens Program team assists schools in building and maintaining school gardens. They also provide training and technical assistance to teachers in utilizing school gardens as a teaching tool through the use of their many online resources.

Shaping Healthy Choices Curriculum

Cal - Pro - NET Center, University of California, Davis, California Department of Education Nutrition Service Division.

Discovering Healthy Choices is a learner-centered, garden-enhanced nutrition curriculum that was developed for the Nutrition Education & Promotion component of the Shaping Healthy Choices Program.

Gardens for Learning: Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden

California School Garden Network.

Comprehensive guidebook to support the growing school garden, developed by a team of experienced garden educators, nutritionists, state officials, and other garden experts.

MyGarden School Meals Resource (PDF | 2.57 MB)

MDE. Michigan Team Nutrition.

This resource links the school garden to the school meals program through selection, storage, and culinary tips.

How Our Gardens Grow cover How Our Gardens Grow: Cultivating Nutrition and Learning Through Idaho School Gardens (PDF | 43 MB)

Idaho State Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs.

The ten School Garden Grant sites featured in this booklet provide examples of ways to implement a school garden.

School Gardens

TAM. Texas Agricultural Extension Service.

Links to various helpful topics on school gardens, including: steps to build a school garden, ideas and curricula, nutritional benefits, and school garden resources.

Grow to Learn NYC

The Mayor's Fund. GrowNYC.

A public-private partnership created to promote school gardens in New York City. Information for how to start, maintain and fund school gardens is provided.

Got Dirt? Cover Got Dirt? A Garden Toolkit for Implementing Youth Gardens (PDF | 2.7 MB)

Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The toolkit is designed to provide the basic steps of starting and maintaining a youth fruit and vegetable garden. Includes several examples of successful community, childcare, and school gardening projects in Wisconsin.

Agriculture in the Classroom

United States Department of Agriculture.

Provides teacher resources including posters, activities, books, DVDs, and kits related to agriculture in the school.

Nancy's Garden: Grow Minds, Grow Healthy Bodies, Grow Gardens! (PDF | 1.03 MB)

Montana Math & Science Initiative, Montana Team Nutrition

Montana's First Lady Nancy Schweitzer invites you to spark an interest in math and science with classroom gardening.

Kids Gardening

National Gardening Association.

Includes resources for teachers and parents, classroom activities, newsletters, and more!

Growing Healthy Habits Growing Healthy Habits

University of Maryland Extension Program.

This curriculum contains lessons and activities to help students understand the importance of growing food, nutrition, and food safety.

New Journeys & Crossings Webcast: School Gardens

Library of Congress.

Constance Carter, Head of the Science Reference Section, Library of Congress, describes the history of the school garden in America and offers reasons why school gardens are making a comeback.

School Zone: National Curriculum

Gardening with Children

Information on how to incorporate school gardening into the curriculum of every school subject. The list includes ideas for different age groups.

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

This Web site offers lesson plans, student activities, resources, and a calendar of events to highlight the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

Cruciferous Crusaders Lesson Plans

Leafy Greens Council.

This site includes lesson plans for grades 3-5 that incorporate language arts, math, science/health and social studies in activities that increase student understanding of nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables and promote their consumption.

The Great Plant Escape The Great Plant Escape

University of Illinois Extension.

Each of the lessons in this program for 4th and 5th graders is interdisciplinary and designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow. This program includes a teacher guide and a variety of activities for independent and group work. Available in English and Spanish

My First Garden

University of Illinois Extension.

This web site shows 4th grade students the care that goes into planning and nurturing a garden, the benefits of having a garden and some strategies for starting them. The web site also includes a teacher’s guide and everything is available in English and Spanish. Content available on a CD.

Grow: Primers & Projects

Public Broadcasting Service.

Learn how you can start a garden with children, even when there is no yard available. Includes the ten-minute plan and instructions for a container garden.