Diabetes Management in School and Child Care

Carbohydrate Counting for School Food Service Professionals Webinar

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Webinar provides an overview of diabetes, meal planning tools, basics of carbohydrate counting, methods to find carbohydrate content, and carbohydrate counting in the school setting.

Diabetes Fact Sheet for Child Nutrition Professionals (PDF | 74.2 KB)

Institute of Child Nutrition.

Describes Type 1 and Type II diabetes, principles of meal planning, and the role of the child nutrition professional.

Diabetes Resources for Schools and Youth

DHHS. NDEP. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A collection of resources aimed at helping diabetic student succeed in school.

Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel

DHHS. NIH. CDC. National Diabetes Education Program.

Help Your Child Manage Diabetes at School

DHHS. NIH. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A brief tip sheet to help parents prepare their child for the school year.

Position Statements and Resources for Care at School

American Diabetes Association.

The position papers can be helpful for parents, health care providers, and school staff who support children with diabetes.

Using Exchange Lists for Students with Diabetes in School Food Service Webinar

Institute of Child Nutrition.

This Webinar defines roles of school foodservice with regard to students with diabetes, highlights types of diabetes meal plans, and explains the exchange lists for diabetes.