Chefs Move to Schools

Dear Chef:

Thank you for answering the First Lady’s call to partner with a school in your community. More than 2,700 chefs across the country are volunteering their time to help generate excitement about nutritious foods in schools through school gardens, cooking demonstrations, taste tests and more. The possibilities to engage students, teachers, food service staff, and parents in supporting healthy schools are endless.

  Chef Sam Kass
Step #1: Find a School

The first contact is made by the chef reaching out to the school to explore the possibilities. Visit the Chefs Move to Schools map to find a school in your area that is interested in working with a chef to educate kids about food and nutrition. Use the contact information provided for the school on the map to make contact and discuss how you can work together.

If you are already working with a school or if there is a school you would like to work with that is not on the list, please encourage the school to sign up here.


Step #2: Tell Us Which School You Are Partnering With

Let us know which school you will be working with by updating your profile on the Chefs Move to Schools website. You can return to your profile page at any time to send us updates and share your success stories with the Chefs Move to Schools program.


Step #3: Resources to Get Started

For ideas on how chefs can work with schools, visit the Chefs Move to Schools Resources page, where you will find the following resources, as well as many others:


Chefs Move to Schools: A Chef's Guide (PDF|1.11 MB)

bullet   5 Simple Steps to Success for Chefs
bullet   Getting Started
bullet   Ways for Chefs and Schools to Team Up
bullet   Child Nutrition Program Information
bullet   Serving School Meals that Meet Guidelines
bullet   The HealthierUS School Challenge: Recognizing Excellence in Nutrition and Physical Activity

Step #4: Share Your Success!

Once you have established a partnership with a school, you can share your stories with the Let’s Move! community. Tell us what’s working or what isn’t and share your pictures, success stories, ideas and tips! Here’s how you can stay connected with Chefs Move to Schools:


Send your success story to– some stories may be highlighted on to inspire others

bullet   Engage in a dialogue on the Let’s Move! Facebook page – share tips, ideas and success stories with other chefs and schools
bullet   Share your photos through the Let’s Move! Flickr page with the hashtag #LetsMove.
Want more ideas?
Join ChefTalk, our e-mail discussion group,
to discuss other ways chefs and schools are working together.


Thank you for joining Let's Move! We look forward to hearing from you.

-Chefs Move to Schools Team