Power Panther Professionals

Power Panther Professionals Cover

Developer: Child Nutrition & Wellness, Kansas Department of Education
Publication Date: 2011

Power Panther Professionals is an innovative 12-week health education program for school and child care center personnel. Its ultimate goal is to improve employees’ health and well-being while empowering them to serve as healthy role models for young people and other adults.

Power Panther Professionals includes RealAge®, a dynamic and engaging concept in health and wellness developed by cardiologists. Participants will learn about the difference between their chronological age and their biological age. They will also learn how to become biologically younger by making simple, enjoyable lifestyle choices. RealAge® allows each participant to develop personalized goals based on his or her health history and lifestyle choices. In addition, RealAge® provides the information and tools to support participants’ healthy lifestyle changes after the Power Panther Professionals program concludes.

Power Panther is the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) spokes-character for the EAT SMART. PLAY HARD. campaign. This national initiative is aimed at making our nation’s children healthier. But Power Panther’s messages are also applicable to people of ALL ages! A healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and regular physical activity is a great goal for people, regardless of age.

For more information, please see the Power Panther Professionals section of the Kansas Team Nutrition website.