Preschool Lesson Plans: A Dozen Ways to Be Healthy

Florida Department of Health.

Teach nutrition and physical activity every month with twelve lesson plans for child care providers in the Child Care Food Program. An introduction offers helpful tips and guidance for use. Preschool Lesson Plans are provided for ages 3-4.5 and 4.5-5. Activities, handouts, and letters to parents for involvement at home are also included.

Eat Smart Be Smart

Montana Office of Public Instruction.

A kindergarten through fifth grade curriculum for teaching nutrition through math, science, language arts, and health enhancement.

Pick a Better Snack™ (PDF | 711 KB)

Iowa Department of Health; Iowa Department of Education.

Campaign that encourages fruit and vegetable choices for snacks. Includes elementary classroom lessons, bingo cards, marketing materials, fact sheets, and family newsletters (newsletters are also available in Spanish).

Showcase of Chefs Recipe Book (November 2012) School Day Just Got Healthier: Showcase of Chefs Recipe Book (November 2012)

Michigan Team Nutrition.

These recipes were compiled to accompany Michigan's Showcase of Chefs culinary trainings.

Iowa Team Nutrition Newsletter Iowa Team Nutrition Newsletter (2016)

Iowa Department of Education.

Newsletters for schools with information on nutrition and physical activity programs, upcoming training opportunities, and success stories.

Nutrition Foundations for Alaska School Meals: A Nutrition Guide for the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program (2012) (PDF | 5.4 MB)

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.

A guide for meeting the new school meal regulations.This nutrition information will help every school instill healthy eating habits in students by reducing sugar, sodium, and high-fat foods and increasing healthy food items like whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

Wellness in Alaska Child Care Wellness in Alaska Child Care: Best Practices (November 2012)

Alaska Department of Education & Early Development.

Best practices for healthy eating and physical activity in the child care setting.

Interactive Wellness Resources (2012)

KSDE. Child Nutrition & Wellness.

These interactive documents have many links to online resources that can be used in implementing school wellness policies. There is a document for Nutrition (PDF 4.52 MB), Nutrition Education (PDF 558.25 KB), and Physical Activity (PDF 547.87 KB).

Residential Child Care Food Safety Curriculum

University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension.

Online toolkit of child care food safety basics includes presentations, training manuals, booklet, video, and a food safety plan template.

Let's All Go To The Lunchroom! Video (August 2013)

Child Nutrition, Mason City Schools District in Ohio.

This video was produced to communicate to the students and families in grades 1-6 of the Mason City School District the new regulations and the use of the MyPlate as a tool for healthy eating decisions.

Food of the Month Posters and Lesson Plans

Idaho State Department of Agriculture; Idaho State Department of Education.

Monthly poster series featuring Idaho agriculture products. Includes photos, nutrition and agricultural facts, games, trivia, crossword puzzles, and other educational materials.

Create a Classroom That Moves! (2010)

Ohio Team Nutrition.

Resources for classroom-based physical activity, including a manual, food and movement cards, and an activity pyramid poster.

Walking Works for Schools Toolkit (April 2013) (PDF | 1.87 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Guide for planning a walking program at your school.

No- to Low-Cost Ways to Promote Physical Activity in the Child Care Setting (April 2013)

Team Nutrition Iowa.

This card set provides fun and interactive physical activities for young children that can be done without costly equipment.

Making Worksite Wellness Work at Your School (May 2013) (PDF | 2.33 MB)

Iowa Department of Public Health; Iowa Department of Education.

Provides school staff with suggestions to get an employee wellness program started.

Healthy Snacks and Physical Activities for Early Childhood Programs (2012) (PDF | 7.3 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Healthy snack ideas, fun physical activities, and suggested books to incorporate into lessons in the early childhood setting.

Build a Healthy Lunch Reimbursable Meal Identification System (2012)

Iowa Department of Education.

Kit helps students identify foods that are part of the reimbursable meal for the day at the near or beginning of the serving line.

Nutrition Education Take-Home Bag (2012)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Healthy eating and physical activity materials that can be placed in a bag for elementary teachers to share with the families of their students.

School Meal Pattern Communication Tools (2012)

Iowa Department of Education.

These tools were developed to help school nutrition programs communicate effectively with the school staff, parents and the community about the needs and value of the child nutrition program. Each tool can be edited and customized to meet specific school needs.

Iowa CACFP Healthier Menu Toolkit (2012)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

These materials are part of the Healthier Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Award in Iowa. Healthier CACFP is a recognition system that supports the wellness efforts of child care centers and homes participating in CACFP.

Stories in Motion: In-class Activity Breaks (2012)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Short stories that can be used in classrooms to provide short physical activity breaks.

Spend Smart, Eat Smart in Childcare (September 2012)

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

The webinar offers many useful ways to save money yet provide healthy meals in the childcare setting.

Snacks That Count: Recipes for Nutritious Snacks (PDF | 17 MB)

Texas Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Division.

Fun, instructive recipes that satisfy meal component requirements for CACFP. For children under 5.

SMART School Meals Marketing Materials (2012)

Idaho State Department of Education.

To help America fight against childhood obesity, the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service creates requirements for school meals. These requirements are reflected in the SMART school meal tray. On this site you can find resources for menu planning and how to market these new menus at your school.