School Nutrition Professionals

Iowa Team Nutrition Newsletter Iowa Team Nutrition Newsletter

Iowa Department of Education.

Newsletters for schools with information on nutrition and physical activity programs, upcoming training opportunities, and success stories.

Walking Works for Schools Toolkit (PDF | 1.87 MB)

Team Nutrition Iowa.

Guide for planning a walking program at your school. A Webinar with additional information is also available.

School Meal Parent Campaign Resources (PDF | 7.37 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition; University of Iowa.

Posters promoting the National School Lunch Program to parents.

Growing Farm to School: Results from the Idaho Farm to School Pilot (PDF | 994 KB)

Idaho State Department of Agriculture; Idaho State Department of Education.

Three successful pilot schools were followed throughout the school year as they developed and grew their Farm to School Programs. These three districts represented a small, a medium, and a large-sized district in both urban and rural settings.

Meeting the HealthierUS School Challenge: A Guide for Minnesota Schools

Minnesota Department of Education.

Series of presentations and handouts to train staff on applying for the HealthierUS School Challenge.

Build a Healthy Lunch Reimbursable Meal Identification System

Iowa Department of Education.

Kit helps students identify foods that are part of the reimbursable meal for the day at the near or beginning of the serving line.

School Meal Pattern Communication Tools

Iowa Department of Education.

These tools were developed to help school nutrition programs communicate effectively with the school staff, parents and the community about the needs and value of the child nutrition program. Each tool can be edited and customized to meet specific school needs.

Being a Role Model for School Wellness Workshop

Iowa Department of Education; Iowa Team Nutrition.

Iowa held a one-day Train-the-Trainer workshop for school staff members including adult advisors of student organizations. The following resources were provided:

SMART School Meals Marketing Materials

Idaho State Department of Education.

These posters and brochure outline the changes and benefits of the new meal pattern requirements, and encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables.

School Breakfast Signage – Build a Healthy Breakfast!

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Set of school breakfast reimbursable meal identification signage to assist students in selecting their meal choices and to reduce unintentional purchase of food items not included in the reimbursable meal. The signage can be posted or place in a letter sized clear acrylic sign holder and compliments the previously developed “Build a Healthy Lunch” school lunch signage.

Food Waste Reduction in School Meals (PDF | 595 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

This resource provides ideas on how to increase consumption and reduce food waste in schools.

New School Cuisine cover New School Cuisine: Nutritious and Seasonal Recipes for School Cooks by School Cooks (PDF | 22.91 MB)

Vermont FEED; Vermont Agency of Education; School Nutrition Association of Vermont.

This cookbook was developed by Vermont school cooks and features 80 student-tested quantity recipes. Each recipe is in USDA format and includes a nutritional analysis and crediting information.

Bulletin Boards in a SNAP

Wyoming State Nutrition Action Plan (SNAP) Team.

These bulletin boards can be used in a variety of community settings to convey nutrition and physical activity messages. All the graphics, handouts, activities and background information are provided.

Nutrition SEN$E Toolkit (PDF | 3.06 MB)

Montana Team Nutrition.

Guide for running a student store that is both profitable and provides healthful food choices.

Showcase of Chefs Recipe Book School Day Just Got Healthier: Showcase of Chefs Recipe Book

Michigan Team Nutrition.

These recipes were compiled to accompany Michigan's Showcase of Chefs culinary trainings.

How Our Gardens Grow cover How Our Gardens Grow: Cultivating Nutrition and Learning Through Idaho School Gardens (PDF | 43 MB)

Idaho State Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs.

The ten School Garden Grant sites featured in this booklet provide examples of ways to implement a school garden.

Healthier Kansas Menus

Kansas State Department of Education. Child & Nutrition Wellness.

Breakfast and lunch cycle menus with nutrient analysis, recipes, preparation instructions, serving tips, production records and a purchasing guide.

Meeting the Challenge Recipe Book cover Meeting the Challenge Recipe Book (PDF | 7.80 MB)

Michigan Team Nutrition.

These recipes were developed as a part of the Meeting the Challenge video series, which illustrate how Michigan Child Nutrition professionals are meeting the New School Meal Regulations and the HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC) criteria.

Healthy Celebrations (PDF | 413 KB)

Connecticut State Department of Education.

Michigan Healthy Schools Success Stories

American Cancer Society; Michigan Action for Healthy Kids; Michigan Department of Community Health; Michigan Department of Education; Michigan State University Extension.

Review success stories submitted by Michigan schools and school districts on a variety of wellness issues.

Alternatives to Food as a Reward (PDF | 235 KB)

Connecticut State Department of Education.

Chef Dave Mac's HealthierUS School Challenge Recipes cover Chef Dave Mac's HealthierUS School Challenge Recipes (PDF | 4.2 MB)

Michigan Team Nutrition.

A collection of 19 soup, salad, stir fry, entree, sandwich, vegetable, and condiment recipes intended to be served as part of menus meeting the HealthierUS School Challenge criteria.

Comfortable Cafeterias Webinar Comfortable Cafeterias Webinar

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Tips for proving an atmosphere that encourages students to select healthy foods choices. Webinar Slides and a Mealtime Philosophy Poster are also available.