Activities and Tools

Indoor Recess 101 (PDF | 186 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Easy, fun, and active ideas for indoor recess.

BAM! Body and Mind

DHHS. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

BAM! uses kid-friendly lingo, games, quizzes, and other interactive features to appeal to 9-13 year olds. The site also serves as an aid to teachers.

ZOOM: For Kids By Kids

Public Broadcasting Service.

Fun games and activities for kids, including Physical Challenges.

Move for Thought: Integrated Physical Activities for Learning in the Elementary School Classroom (PDF | 1.04 MB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Physical activity cards that can be conducted in the academic classroom.

Go Girl Go!

Women's Sports Foundation.

A curriculum-based program for girls, coaches and parents to reinforce positive behaviors and educate girls about the dangers of inactivity. Includes a campaign for 3rd-8th graders, and another campaign for high school students.

Mind and Body: Activities for the Elementary Classroom (PDF | 6.07 MB)

Montana Team Nutrition. Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Provides a wealth of physical activities to be done in the classroom with young children.

Healthy Hopping

University of Illinois Extension. Urban Programs Resource Network.

Stunts, games, and rhymes to encourage jumping rope as a fun form of physical fitness. Also includes healthy jump rope snacks.

Create a Classroom That Moves!

Ohio Team Nutrition.

Resources for classroom-based physical activity, including a manual, food and movement cards, and an activity pyramid poster.

Stories in Motion: In-class Activity Breaks

Iowa Team Nutrition.

Short stories that can be used in classrooms to provide short physical activity breaks.