Nutrition Promotion

Mother and daughter food shopping

Create school environments that encourage healthy nutrition choices through messages and activities that inspire school community members to take action.

Mother and son Core Nutrition Messages

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

The Core Nutrition Messages and related tips, guidance and communication tools complement the key recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs). They address whole grains, low fat milk, fruits and vegetables, as well as child feeding.

School snacks Marketing and Advertising

Check out these resources for information about food marketing practices on the school campus. Choose to promote healthy foods and beverages!

Children involved in taste test Taste Testing and Evaluating Recipes

Taste testing empowers students to make decisions about what is served, and often helps them change their food choices. Find evaluation forms and other tools to help conduct taste tests in your program.

Vegetables on the lunch line Smarter Lunchrooms

Promote healthy eating behaviors with simple changes to the lunchroom environment at your school.