School Board Members

Power Panther Professionals

Kansas State Department of Education, Child Nutrition & Wellness.

8 to 12-week customizable staff wellness program designed for school and child care personnel. Its ultimate goal is to improve employees' health and well-being while empowering them to serve as healthy role models for young people and other adults.

Resources for Engaging School Board Members

California Project LEAN.

This Web site includes guides, fact sheets, research and policy briefs, sample policies, and other resources for engaging school board members in the wellness policy process.

Getting to Wellness: Food, Fitness, and Learning for Life – What Your Schools Can Do (PDF | 13,922.61 KB)

National School Boards Association.

A resource to help with school wellness policy development that includes brief profiles of four district wellness programs. The stories focus on the board’s policy role, parent outreach, and community engagement.

Reaching School Board Members

California Project LEAN.

The Guide helps readers convey their nutrition policy message effectively while at the same time helping school board members gain the information they need to create effective nutrition policies.

Making Worksite Wellness Work at Your School (PDF | 2.33 MB)

Iowa Department of Public Health; Iowa Department of Education.

Provides school staff with suggestions to get an employee wellness program started.