Prevention and Treatment

Action for Healthy Kids: Latest Research and Reports

Action for Healthy Kids.

Action for Healthy Kids was created in 2002 in response to the Surgeon General’s call for prevention and alleviation of childhood obesity and focuses on targeting childhood obesity through school programs. This Web site provides access to numerous downloadable reports addressing the issues of childhood obesity and how to implement programs in the school.

Childhood Obesity: Factors Affecting Physical Activity (PDF | 220 KB)

US Government Accountability Office.

This report by the Government Accounting Office, which supplements an earlier survey listed below, reviews current literature and summarizes trends among children and adolescents related to physical activity.

Childhood Obesity: Most Experts Identified Physical Activity and the Use of Best Practices as Key to Successful Programs (PDF | 1.15 MB)

US Government Accountability Office.

This survey report, prepared at the request of Congress, summarizes the findings of childhood experts on programs and practices that most successfully tackle the problem of childhood obesity.

Parental Time, Role Strain, and Children's Fat Intake and Obesity-Related Outcomes (PDF | 925.23 KB)

USDA. Economic Research Service.

This study uses a unique dataset to examine parental influence on children's dietary intake and whether or not the children will become obese. The study shows that household income, parents' time spent with children, and parents' work experiences significantly affect children's energy and fat intake and obesity-related outcomes.

Childhood Obesity: The Epidemic's Impacts and Policy Options (PDF | 204 KB)

The University of Georgia, College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

This report summarizes the various policies designed to address childhood obesity. Although the report focuses on the impact of those policies in the state of Georgia, it also reports on national trends and progress in alleviating childhood obesity.

Physical Activity and Good Nutrition: Essential Elements to Prevent Chronic Diseases and Obesity

DHHS. Centers for Disease Control.

Analysis of the obesity epidemic and lack of physical activity in the U.S. and CDC's role in addressing these issues.

Prevention and Treatment of Type II Diabetes in Youth

Hormone Research: From Developmental Endocrinology to Clinical Research

An increase in childhood obesity has increased Type II diabetes in children and adolescents. This increase in type II diabetes has created hardships in the medical field and difficulty in determining the best methods of treatment and prevention.

Preventing Obesity and Chronic Diseases Through Good Nutrition and Physical Activity

DHHS. Centers for Disease Control.

Newsletter reports on activities of interest to health professionals involved with the myriad aspects of disease prevention and health promotion.

Short- and Long-Term Beneficial Effects of a Combined Dietary-Behavioral-Physical Activity Intervention for the Treatment of Childhood Obesity

Pediatrics, The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics

This report details an intervention program for obese youths in Israel between 6-16 and the results.