Photo of an eggplant.

Don't let the dark purple skin fool you; the inside of an eggplant is soft and cream colored. This vegetable is a favorite addition to many meals.

Kansas Fruit and Veggie Quick Facts (PDF | 6.66 MB)

Kansas State Department of Education, Child Nutrition & Wellness.

Fact sheets provide origin, availability, nutrition information, trivia, and riddles or activities for over 40 fruits and vegetables.

Watch Your Garden Grow - Eggplant

University of Illinois Extension.

Web fact sheet explains the different varieties of eggplant, gives selection and storage tips, and provides nutritional value and health benefits. Also includes preparation and serving tips, home preservation guidance and a recipe.

Eggplant Fact Sheet (PDF | 430 KB)

Mississippi State University Extension Service.

This fact sheet provides growing information, food safety tips, nutrient information, mealtime ideas, fun facts, and ways to involve children in preparation. From One to Grow On: A Garden-Based Learning Program for Preschoolers.

Selecting, Storing and Serving Ohio Eggplant (PDF | 128 KB)

Ohio State University Extension.

Fact sheet reviews the selection, storage, yield and nutrition information for eggplants. Also includes serving and preparation tips and a recipe.

Vegetable Posters (PDF | 6.13 MB)

Mississippi State University Extension Service.

Each of these 18 colorful posters features a different vegetable with simple facts for preschoolers. Page 8 contains an Eggplant poster. From One to Grow On: A Garden-Based Learning Program for Preschoolers.

What Fruits & Vegetables are in Season?

Produce for Better Health Foundation. Fruits and Veggies More Matters.

Discover what fruits and vegetables are available in each season of the year.