Bulletin Board Resources

Help your students and staff learn to make healthful food choices by creating a colorful bulletin board in your child care center, classroom, or cafeteria.

Power Up with Breakfast Breakfast

Promote the School Breakfast Program at your school with bulletin board resources that encourage the healthy habit of eating breakfast.

Young Teens Need Calcium Poster Calcium and Bone Health

Encourage the growth of strong bones with increased physical activity and calcium intake.

A Boy Takes a Break from Working in the Corn Field Farm to School

When children understand where their food comes from, such as from a local farm, they are more interested in trying new fruits and vegetables! Use these resources to create a colorful, motivating display.

Be a Germ Stopper Poster Food Safety

Reinforce important food safety concepts! A bulletin board is a great opportunity to teach students and staff about food safety, proper food handling, and hand washing.

Pacman Eating an Orange Wedge Fruits and Vegetables

Find fun ideas and colorful printable materials for promoting fruit and vegetable consumption.

Collage of Dietary Guidelines Images General Nutrition

Use these resources to create a display during National Nutrition Month® in March, or anytime you want a display that focuses on healthy choices.

Did You Wash 'Em? Hand Washing

Use the signs and posters featured here to remind your students and staff about the importance of hand washing.

Choose My Plate icon MyPlate

The colorful graphics and clear main points of the MyPlate icon make it easy to present on a bulletin board in your classroom, cafeteria, kitchen, or staff break room.

Snack Smart for Healthy Teeth logo Oral Health

Encourage healthy smiles with a bulletin board focused on oral health, hygiene, and healthy food choices.

BAM! Physical Activity

Encourage increased physical activity with fitness and exercise bulletin board resources.

Group of Children in School Garden School Gardens

A school garden is a great way to teach children how fruits and vegetables grow! Make an accompanying bulletin board with these resources,

Whole wheat bread Whole Grains

Use these resources to educate and motivate staff and students to follow guidance from MyPlate: "Make at least half your grains whole!"