Body Walk: An Exciting Educational Exhibit for K-5 Students

Illinois Body Walk

This kit, part of a 2003 Team Nutrition Training Grant awarded to Illinois, is based on the Kansas material "Body Walk: An Exciting Education Exhibit for K-5 Students," but this material allows a school to hold a body walk event without scheduling and using a traveling exhibit. Instead, the school develops their own exhibit with tips from the guidebook.

Participants are assigned as food items and walk through a body exhibit with stations for the brain, mouth, stomach, small intestines, heart, lungs, bones, muscles and skin. Students learn about the function of the various parts of the body with an emphasis on choosing good food and being physically active.

Body Walk Manual - (Download the full manual: PDF | 2.19 MB)

Classroom Activities (PDF | 810 KB)

Teacher Resources (PDF | 101 KB)

Body Walk Food Tags (DOC | 25 KB)

Flip Book Scripts

Student Activity Book
- (Download the full workbook: PDF | 16.4 MB)