Power Panther Pals

Developer: Child Nutrition & Wellness, Kansas Department of Education
Publication Date: 2011

Power Panther Pals is an 8-week health education program for elementary students. The program encourages students to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; to eat more low-fat foods and calcium-rich foods, and to be physically active.

Power Panther Pals is designed to address multiple areas of the Kansas School Wellness Policy Model Guidelines. Participating students receive 8-12 hours of health education with topics that include:

          • Proper hand washing
          • Importance of drinking adequate water
          • Food groups
          • Importance of eating a variety of foods
          • Serving sizes
          • Relationship of food intake (energy input) and physical activity (energy output)
          • Nutrition Facts Label reading
          • Choosing healthful foods using cafeteria meals, vended items and a la carte items as examples
          • Basic food preparation skills

For more information, please see the Power Panther Pals section of the Kansas Team Nutrition website.