School Garden Safety

Five Steps to Food Safe School Gardening (PDF | 38.7 KB)

UCONN. CANR. Cooperative Extension System.

Provides guidance for reducing the level of dangerous microorganisms through good gardening and harvesting practices in a school garden.

Food Safety in the School Garden

UME. Maryland's Food Gardening Network.

Covers a variety of potential school garden food safety issues and offers tips and resources to reduce risks.

Fresh, Healthy, and Safe Food: Best Practices for using Produce from School Gardens (PDF | 652.48 KB)

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Ensure the best results by using simple food safety practices when harvesting, preparing and eating the food produced by school gardens.

Produce Safety Resources

National Food Service Management Institute.

A series of resources on produce safety that describe best practices for receiving, storing, handling, and purchasing fresh and fresh-cut produce through videos, fact sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Relevant resources include:

Safety in the Garden

California Department of Education.

Provides information to help ensure that the soil, water, and working environment are safe for the students in a school garden.