Child and Adult Care Food Program Reports and Studies

Administrative costs in the Child and Adult Care Food program : results of an exploratory study of the reimbursement system for sponsors of family child care homes

USDA. ERS. Food and Nutrition Assistance Research Program.

This study explores the administrative cost reimbursement system for CACFP sponsors that oversee the family child care homes portion of the CACFP. Costs reported by sponsors on average were about 5 percent higher than allowable reimbursement amounts. The report also presents and discusses alternative administrative reimbursement systems used by other Federal programs.

Benchmarks for Nutrition Programs in Child Care Settings (PDF | 272 KB)

American Dietetic Association.

This Position Paper provides guidance for food and nutrition practitioners, health professionals, and child-care providers regarding recommendations for nutritional quality of foods and beverages served; menus, meal patterns, and portion sizes; food preparation and service; physical and social environment; nutrition training; nutrition consultation; physical activity and active play; and working with families.

Child & Adult Care Food Program: Participation Trends 2010 (PDF | 316 KB)

Food Research and Action Center.

Examines trends in participation from year to year in child care centers and in family child care homes.

Child Care as an Untapped Setting for Obesity Prevention: State Child Care Licensing Regulations Related to Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Media Use for Preschool- Aged Children in the United States

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

An evaluation of the different regulations that exist in child care centers and how those regulations can be used to prevent childhood obesity.

Child Nutrition Programs

USDA. FNS. Office of Research and Analysis.

Resources for Child Nutrition Programs, including statistics and current research.

Management Issues Impacting Family Day Care Homes Operating Within the Child and Adult Care Food Program Guidelines: A Review of Literature

National Food Service Management Institute.

Examines the available child care literature as it relates to management issues and concerns impacting family day care homes operating within the CACFP framework. Identifies issues that relate and support the well-being of children served in the program and makes recommendations for further research and training to address these issues.

Procurement Practices Influencing Programs Operating Within the Guidelines of the Child and Adult Care Food Program: A Review of Literature

National Food Service Management Institute.

A review of existing literature on research efforts related to procurement practices of CACFP participants.

Report on the Development of A Parent Foodservice Survey for Young Children

National Food Service Management Institute.

A study to access perceptions of meals, snack, and the eating environment provided by child care and Head Start programs nationwide who operate under the CACFP.

The Role of Child Care Settings in Obesity Prevention (PDF | 276 KB)

The Future of Children Journal on Childhood Obesity.

Mary Story, Karen Kaphingst, and Simone French argue that researchers and policymakers focused on childhood obesity have paid insufficient attention to child care. What research exists suggests that the nutritional quality of meals and snacks may be poor and activity levels may be inadequate.