Waste Management

Food Waste Reduction in School Meals (PDF | 595 KB)

Iowa Team Nutrition.

This resource provides ideas on how to increase consumption and reduce food waste in schools.

Relationship of the Physical Dining Environment and Service Styles to Plate Waste in Middle/Junior High Schools (PDF | 535 KB)

National Food Service Management Institute.

Describes a research project designed to measure aspects of the physical environment in relation to actual food consumption during lunch.

Waste Management: Rethinking School Lunch (PDF | 272 KB)

Center for Ecoliteracy.

Provides information on waste management and the policy of the Berkeley Unified School District.

Waste Reduction Strategies for a Food Service/Cafeteria Environment

California Integrated Waste Management Board.

Designed to help school district food service providers reduce waste generation, practice pollution prevention, and conserve energy and other natural resources.

What's In Your Garbage? Conducting School Waste Audits

Oregon Green Schools.

Tools to assist you in conducting a school waste audit.