Composting in the Classroom: Scientific Inquiry for High School Students (PDF | 2.28 MB)

Cornell University.

Provides high school science teachers with the background needed to engage students in research focusing on composting. With proper maintenance, composting systems can be set up in the classroom, as well as outdoors in the school yard.

Health & Safety Guidance for Composting in the School Setting (PDF | 35 KB)

Cornell Waste Management Institute.

This fact sheet provides tips on reducing risks associated with human exposure to the organisms involved in composting and the products they produce.

It's Gotten Rotten

Cornell University.

This online video and accompanying Teacher's Guide introduce high school students to the science of composting. It focuses primarily on the biology of the microorganisms that decompose organic matter.

School Composting: A Manual for Connecticut Schools- The Next Step in Recycling

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

This manual provides a model for initiating and implementing a school composting program. It also teaches students the importance of responsible solid waste disposal and the environmental advantages of composting.