School Meals in Finland

Finnish National Board of Education

History and philosophy of school meals in Finland, sample school meals and implementation.

Nutrition in Schools: Scottish Nutrient Standards for School Lunches

Food Standards Agency Scotland.

Summary report of findings that form the scientific basis for the design of the Scottish Nutrient Standards.

Appetite for Life Action Plan

Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills.

This Action Plan sets out the strategic direction and actions required to improve the nutritional standards of food and drink provided in schools in Wales.

Hungry for Success - Further Food for Thought

Hungry for Success.

A Report on the Implementation of Hungry for Success: A Whole School Approach to School Meals in Scotland.

Nutritional Analysis Manual

The Scottish Government.

Scottland's Schools Health Promotion and Nutrition Act 2007 places a duty on education authorities and managers of grant-aided schools to ensure that all food and drink provided in schools complies with nutritional regulations.

Healthy Eating in Schools

The Scottish Government.

A guide to implementing the nutritional requirements for food and drink in Scottland schools: regulations 2008.

School Food: Top Marks

Northern Ireland.

A summary report on food in schools research in Northern Ireland developed by their Public Health Agency.

Fit Futures: Focus on Food, Activity and Young People

Northern Ireland

The Fit Futures taskforce was established by the Ministerial Group on Public Health in Northern Ireland in response to concerns about rising levels of obesity in children. Describes the implementation plan of programs to combat this issue including Extended Schools and Nutritional Standards for School Meals.

Establishing a Whole School Food Policy

Northern Ireland

Guide to help schools in Northern Ireland develop, write, and implement a whole school food policy, which aims to develop a coherent approach to healthy eating activities in the school.

Nutritional Standards for Other Food and Drinks in Schools

Northern Ireland

Details the nutritional standards for food and drinks offered outside of the lunch program in Northern Ireland.

Creating an Active Wales

Food and Physical Activity Branch. Welsh Assembly Government.

A report on programs and initiative to increase the physical activity of children in Wales.

School Food: The Essential Guide

Northern Ireland

Resource developed to support Northern Ireland's School food: top marks program. Provides advice, case studies to support teachers, health professionals, caterers, and others in promoting and implementing healthier eating and drinking in schools.

Cost of Producing School Meals in Wales

Wales Audit Office.

A report commissioned from the Wales Audit Office by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Indicators for the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes National Quality Award

Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes.

A guide providing indicators for the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes National Quality Award.

United Kingdom Target Nutrient Specifications for Manufactured Foods Used in School Meals

Food Standards Agency.

A chart detailing the maximum fat, salt, sugar, and protein content of manufactured foods in school meals.

School Food Trust

A United Kingdom National Charity and specialist advisor to Government on school meals, children's food and related skills. Their vision is for all children to have a balanced diet and obtain the cooking skills and food education necessary for them to reach their full potential as adults.