Menu Planning Tools Approved for Certification for Six Cent Reimbursement

The following tools are approved by USDA for use in certification of compliance with new National School Lunch Program meal pattern requirements. This site is the official list of the only tools authorized to certify schools as eligible for the six cent reimbursement under the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act. Commercially available certification tools will be listed here as they are approved for school lunch certification purposes. State agencies are responsible for monitoring all breakfast certification processes.

The programs listed at this link may be used for the nutrient analysis portion of the six cent certification under Option 1.

USDA Developed Tools

Commercially Available Alternatives to the USDA Certification Worksheets

inTEAM Menu Compliance Tool+, Web enabled Version 1.0
Approval Letter (PDF | 24 KB)

Menus & Inventory (Planning\Production)
Approval Letter (PDF | 36 KB)

NUTRIKIDS: Menu Planning & Nutritional Analysis
Approval Letter (PDF | 24 KB)

Cybersoft Technologies, Inc.
4422 FM 1960 West, Suite 300
Houston, Texas 77068
Contact: Ray Barger
Phone: (281) 453-8510
Fax: (281) 895-9555
Approval Letter (PDF | 33 KB)

TrakNOW - Nutrition & Inventory
(part of PCS-NOW, Nutrition On the Web Suite)
PCS Revenue Control Systems, Inc.
560 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Sales and Marketing
(800) 247-3061; (201) 568-8300
Fax: (800) 854-3387; (201) 568-8381
Web site:
Approval Letter (PDF | 32 KB)