photo of a basket of turnips

The modest turnip is often overlooked in the grocery store, but worth a second glance. This hearty root vegetable packs a nutritious and flavorful punch into many dishes.

Winter Cooking (PDF | 1,024 KB)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

This trifold offers winter recipes including one for Turnips.

The Turnip (PDF | 219 KB)

Towne's Harvest Garden. Montana State University.

This document provides a brief history on turnips, tips for preserving turnips, and a recipe.

Harvest of the Month

Network for Healthy California.

Newsletters and menu slicks for educators, families, and the community focused on a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Turnip Recipes


Quantity recipes containing turnips from the USDA Mixing Bowl.

Tantalizing Turnips (PDF | 5 MB)

University of Alaska Fairbanks. Cooperative Extension Service.

This 8 page fact sheets provides consumer information on turnip nutrition, selection, preparation and preservations methods including canning and drying.

Selecting, Storing and Serving Ohio Kohlrabi, Rutabagas and Turnips (PDF | 128 KB)

Ohio State University Extension.

This fact sheet covers the selection, storage and preparation (including yield) of turnips.